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River in the Heart movie Introduction

The story. “Briefly”.

Born and raised in Netherlands is a young lady, Ingrid Wilts who has at this point lived in Uganda for more than 6 years as a Christian missionary, serving God. At least that is what she believes. But contrary to what she expects life to be like, she has up until now been disowned by her local church, had her best friend drown in the Nile, been accused falsely and imprisoned and is nursing wounds from a gunshot. “Is God anywhere in all this and how real is His love for me?” Are just a few of the questions she sets out to seek answers to. A journey that later changes her whole perspective of God and Christianity.

Who is making the film?

Started by Mandela Samuel in Uganda is We Are Young Pictures, a motion picture company that is behind the project with authorization from the author of the book “River in the Heart” from which the story is adapted. Part of the team behind the project so far is Nkanyiso Ncube, a Zimbabwean Director, screenwriter and editor based in South Africa, Ingrid Wilts as executive producer and Mandela Samuel for Producer/Screenwriter.

Why Crowdfunding ?

In the bid, not to do any injustice to the story by constraints from most of the other forms of funding for films, we believe that the best way to it at the end of the day, achieve what this story was meant to, is partner and raise the $350,000 as per the film's budget from amongst a people of kindred minds who believe with us that the Father's love is what humankind has been and is in the search for, a message the film will take to Africa nd the rest of the world.